About Us – Izzio Bakery

Our legendary bakery “Izzio” (est. 1994) is named after owner and head baker Maurizio Negrini, a third-generation baker from Bologna, Italy. We rely on true artisan baking methods, shaping bread’s by hand and using only the necessary ancient ingredients without the help of modern processing aids, additives or preservatives. We aspire to create deep and complex flavors through traditional methods of controlled and extended fermentation, with some doughs resting as long as 72 hours prior to baking. This lengthy process allows our breads to naturally extract the essence of every ingredient resulting in bread’s that are full of flavor and aroma and are also gentler to our bodies because they are easier to digest. Our custom built European ovens bake at very high temperatures which give our bread’s porous interiors and dark, crusty exteriors. Our unique breads are available at farmer’s markets and on the shelves of the best grocery stores across America.